Retirement Life

Retirement Life is a new journey that I really never gave a lot of thought to except I knew my time would be my time. It is two months in and I have noticed some changes in myself. I have lost all sense of Monday through Friday and sometimes all the days just blare into one. At first I was waking up later than usually which to me means 6:15 AM. I had to allow myself to calm down, that it was okay to sleep in a little later. However, for some strange reason I am back on my normal wake up before 5 AM. I still do my morning walk for one hour each day. I cannot pull away from that.

Retirement Life Paul Eugene

The Empty Nest

I am truly living in a empty nest. My adult children have been out of the house and married for many years now. My granddaughter is married and grandson graduated from high school. I have been living the single life for 10 years and I am so use to being independent that I would not know how I would act if someone came into my life now. I know some of you can relate to that. However, my passion in the fitness industry keeps me going. It has been a part of my life since 1989, and shows no signs of ending.

Decisions – Vision

Retirement life really enforces what I have already been doing, making decisions and new vision. What I mean by new vision is that I see every area of life from a different prospective: Spirituality, Material Possession, Health, Relationships, Finances. One thing I tell myself is that I refuse to let the old man take over me.

To be continue….

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