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Short On Time To Exercise?

Short On Time To Exercise.

30 Minute Power Walk March Aerobics Workout

Many people have asked me for shorter but higher intensity exercise workouts under 30 minutes. At first I ponder the request. I began teaching as a certified group fitness instructor back in 1989. The classes I taught were 45 minutes of cardio and 15 of of cooldown and stretching.

I ponder how I would get all that cramped into 30 minutes. I came up with the idea that it would have to be high intensity right of the back. I choregraph 20 minutes of high intensity basic cardio moves providing both high and low impact versions of the moves. I uploaded it youtube and many people requested for more. Below is the video for your to check it out.

There Is Always Enough Time To Exercise.

Shorter Workouts Vs Longer Workouts

I personally prefer the longer workouts. The shorter ones get me fired up and I want to continue for some more even when I tired. I feel I get more out of it. What are your feelings regarding shorter vs longer workouts. Leave me a comment.

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