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Step Aerobics and Baby Boomers

by pauleugene
step aerobics

Step Aerobics has been around for quite some time.  I can remember back in the 90’s when I got introduced to it.  At first I did not care for it.  I felt it restricted my movement.  You see I come from a dance background and movement has been the medicine for my body and soul.  I can remember hearing the high energy music but going up and down on a box was just odd to me.  But then one day I took a class with a instructor who also knew that movement was medicine to the body and soul.  She incorporated more dance moves with the step and I fell in love with it.  It was not too long that after that, I began to teach step aerobics my self, I was in my 40’s then.

Now age 65, I find I still have a joy for step aerobics.  I have begin to teach a basic level step aerobics for baby boomers, seniors who have been away from it for some time.  I keep it simple, fun and moving.  There are still many benefits us baby boomers can get from doing step aerobics again.  It will help with coordination, balance, strength, help burn some fat and manage your weight.  I have just launch a new step aerobics for baby boomers workouts. It will challenge you in different ways.  There are horizontal as well as vertical step workouts.

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