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by pauleugene
paul eugene step aerobics

Step Aerobics has been around 1989 just when I first got certified as a Group Fitness Instructor.  At first I backed away from step aerobics because I did not like the limitations of movement the step bench set because I came from a dance background so when I hear music I see movement, lots of expression across the floor.  I use to go this this step aerobics class that featured a lot of club style music and dance music so I was pumped and it felt right in place.  I soon began to teach it as well.  Now here in 2021 I still teach step aerobics.  I still get pleasure and health benefits from it.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics uses a platform that is elevated.  This aerobics is very popular with a lot of people.  You will exercise with music that has a beat between 118 and 128 BPM (Beats Per Minute) per the guide lines put out by the creator of step aerobics Gin Miller along with steps that coordinate with the beats.  Doing Step Aerobics within this range will help you reduce the chance of injury and structural damage to your body.  You will find this kind of aerobics exercise performed at health clubs and gyms as a class.  However,  watch many classes on social media like You Tube, Facebook and you can purchase a step aerobics workouts on line and do it on your own at home.

Step Aerobics Choreography Contest

I was one of finalist in the Gin Miller Step Aerobics Choreography Contest in 2004, watch my step aerobics video entry into the contest:

You can watch more of my step aerobics on my You Tube Channel Playlist: (52) Step Aerobics Easy with Paul Eugene – YouTube

How Is It Done?

This style of aerobics uses a platform that is elevated with risers underneath it.  The platform raises no more than a foot off the ground.  The sessions are usually no longer than an hour.  However, there are some half-hour sessions as well.  How it works is you will step on and off of the platform according to the beat of the music.  There are different ways of stepping where you have to use the platform.  You can have the step setup Horizontal or Vertical, you also use no risers at all.  Today I see many classes this way and not just senior step aerobics classes.

Health Benefits

You can burn calories using step aerobics.  Your muscles will also get strong and your metabolism will increase.  The oxygen in your body will increase.  Your heart will beat faster and build up stamina.  Once your heart gets up to speed, more blood will be able to flow to your body.

This is a low impact exercise.  You have to make sure that you are doing it right, otherwise you could hurt your knees and joints.  Whether you are following a video or an instructor, pay attention to every step.  You should be wearing shoes that are comfortable and made to perform exercises of this kind.  They should have rubber on the bottom that is not slippery.

Tips for Stepping

Using these precautions before you start your step aerobics workout will help you to get the best out of it.  It will also help prevent injuries that can be inflicted if you don’t do it correctly.

Before you start, make sure that you are in good enough shape to start this aerobic exercise.  Otherwise, you will find yourself out of breath before you get into it good enough.

Your foot should be on the step.  It should be the entire foot, not part of it.  You need to be able to balance well when you are stepping on and off.  If you don’t you could lose your balance and possibly fall or injure yourself.  This is crucial if you are stepping to fast music.

The knees should measure up over your ankles.  Don’t do lunges as you are stepping up on to the platform.  You want to make sure that the knee stays over the ankle each time you step up.

Only use so many risers with the step.  Two or three risers should be the recommended amount, depending on your height.  The stepper needs to be comfortable enough where you won’t endure stress with your back and your knees.

Keep a straight posture as you step up and down.  Do not bend your back or hips forward.  When you are doing step aerobics, skip the hand or ankle weights.  Using weights while you are stepping can cause injuries to your knees, shoulders and ankles.  You are already moving fast and having weights is an extra burden that can stress out the joints.

Now that you know the basis you are ready to get stepping, or stepping again if you have stopped,  join the re-revolution.


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