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Strength Training Limited Mobility

by pauleugene
Limited Mobility

Strength Training & Limited Mobility go hand in glove.  Regardless of the level of your limited mobility you must do some type of strength training.  By doing strength training at least one day week you will get benefits from it.

  • You are making your body stronger
  • You are building lean muscle
  • You are releasing stress
  • You mood improves

There are many objects you can use to do strength training with:

  • No equipment, just use your body. You can control and resist the force of movement when doing biceps and triceps curls, lateral raises and even overhead military press.
  • Bottles of Water or Cans of Vegetables as weight resistance.
  • Resistance Bands
  • Dumbbells

Types of Workouts

  • Full Body – Exercise both the upper and lower body in one workout session
  • Split – Upper Body one day and Lower Body another day.
  • High Reps with lite weights
  • Low Reps with heavy weights

Each workout should be done according to the out come that you desire to achieve.

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