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Summer Vacation New Orleans

by pauleugene
New Orleans Vacation

Summer Vacation 2022 New Orleans

If someone would have told me that I would be going on vacation in the summer of 2022 I would doubted it.  It did happen!  New Orleans was not on my bucket list of cities to visit, but it was a city I at one time considered to visit when I was younger.

I am sitting here remembering just a week ago I was in the heart of the city of New Orleans.  The famous Bourbon Street was one block away.  I could hear the music from there at night in my hotel room.  But what struck me was the energy and the entertainment it provided.  I have been to a few other southern cities, but New Orleans tops them all.  I have lived in New York City for 8 years but even times square was not as exciting as this!

New Orleans is not short for food. But I was able to exercise self-control.  But I did have the Beignet everyone talked about.  It tasted good and reminded me of jelly donut we have up north. But it came hot and fresh from the oven.  It was so good I had it twice.














Growing up in Pittsburgh as a young boy the streetcars got us around.  I always had a crush on streetcars, and I made it my point to visit cities that still had them.  So having the opportunity to ride the St Charles streetcar line in New Orleans was a treat for me.  The cars still feature the wooden seats and windows that had to open by hand!  It had no air conditioning.  Talk about vintage!














Well, what I did not expect to do was to gamble.  Yes, I went into the Harrah Casino and took my chance with lady luck wonder woman.  I actually come out on top.  Leaving with more cash than I went in with.  Woo Hoo!














It would not be complete if I did not take a boat ride on the mighty Mississippi River.  So did just that.  I was amazed at the big cargo vessels that sailed on the river.  I am not much of a boat person, so I could not wait to get back to dry land, but it was worth the ride.

Mississippi River













To sum it up, overall, it was a great vacation, but I need at least another week to visit everything. New Orleans trip number 2 in the works.

Paul Eugene

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