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Tabata Seated Workout

by pauleugene

What is Tabata

Tabata Seated Workout is an interval type of workout where you do 20 seconds of exercising then 10 seconds of rest, you repeat this cycle 8 times then take a 1-minute rest.  This will equal 1 set.  In all you will do 8 sets.  Sounds like a challenge, well it is.   This workout is usually done standing but I do it seated because I am recovering from an injury.


Tabata benefits include rapidly improve glucose metabolism for people with diabetes, slow down the progression of Parkinson’s, and even offer improved memory. High intensity exercises are more effective at accelerating metabolism, much makes them burn fat faster, and makes finding the best Tabata exercises for weight loss quite easy.

Tabata For Seniors and People with limited Mobility

Unfortunately, many forms of Tabata are unapproachable for seniors and people with limited mobility because limited range of motion and strength. The high intensity interval training often involves high-impact exercises which are stressful to joints.  There is still a way for seniors and people with limited mobility to Tabata being seated.  That is what Seated Tabata Fitness is all about.  Try the workout, you will not be disappointed.

Paul Eugene

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