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Inspiring You
Being Alive is not just having a physical appearance but what is coming forth from your show to the environment around you. Too many people have just accepted being alive and breathing. They do not make any effort to contribute to the lives of people around. Perhaps they are not aware that they have something to give. I believe that God has given each human being gifts, talents and abilities so that the aliveness in their soul would come out and touch others. Many do not know the tools that are inside of them to be such a electrifying person. I believe part of that is because of up bringing, the education system, culture, religion and perhaps the government. I can recall growing up during the steel mill evolution. It was seen as a staple, secure life for your future and family. No one took into consideration the talents and abilities that were inside each family member. They were too busy being concern about a secure future that appeared to be very real in the present. I can’t image the number of people who have live their entire life and have never been Alive!
If You’re Not Living Alive, Than You Are Living A Lie. You Were Born To Be Alive!
It’s not too late from living the lie instead of being alive. You have to decide that you want to be alive! You have ignore the people around who say you cannot be alive. Have you reached into your soul and listen to that which is in you that wants to be alive? You don’t have tell yourself that you are special but that you are unique! In fact all us are unique. But many of us are not aware of it or find it too hard to believe it. What is it that you really enjoy doing without someone telling you? It is in you always speaking to you. You must open yourself to listen to it again and not silence it’s voice by fear or the environment around you. The ball is in your hand, go run with it.