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Dancing My Passion!
Dancing has always been a part of my life, from the time I could walk.  It was my passion and still is.  Back in the day when dance aerobics came onto the scene, it was the perfect fit for me to teach as a exercise instructor. But I did not only dance when I taught classes but at home for hours when I was bored or just wanted something creative to do.  That was my means of expression my body soul and spirit.  It was not to loose weight because I was slim guy, I just enjoyed what I was doing.  So now 63 I can't stop dancing and I won't until my last breathe, but even then my soul will go dancing.
Take A Dance Break
Is all about taking some time for yourself to just let loose and dance around the house or where ever!  I will upload "Take A Break And Dance" videos where you can join me and take a break and just dance.  You will have so much fun you won't realize it's a exercise. 

The Benefits
  • Let go of pinned up stress
  • Get in touch with your own inner creativity and expression
  • Lift up your spirit and soul
  • Burn some fat and calories
  • Tone up your body
  • Help you drop some pounds and lose weight
Does that sound like a good plan to you?  No matter if you have 2 left feet or 2 right feet, just get and move your body.  Take A Dance Break, your body soul and spirit will thank you. 


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