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The Joy of Seated Chair Exercise

by pauleugene
Paul Eugene Chair Fitness

The Joy of Seated Chair Exercise – There is a saying that says don’t knock it until you tried it, well I applied that to Seated Chair Fitness.  I can recall back in my early days of working out, the thought of doing seated chair exercise had not entered my mind.  But then one day I had a accident and was not able to do standing exercises.  I thought to myself, what will I do?  Then a thought come to my mind to exercise seated in a chair.  So that’s just what I did.  I stepped out by faith into the world of making seated exercise workouts.  I can recall the day when I walked into the TV studio and told them what I was going to do.  Of course everyone looked at me strange.  But cameras, music, light and action, I created my first chair aerobics workout on TV.  I made the entire workout up right on the spot.  I had so much fun that back in 2007 that I still produced them today.

I ventured out and created different types, boxing, dancing, cardio, stretching, gospel, meditation and more.  I really didn’t realize how much fun I would have.  Perhaps you are like me the thought never entered into your mind regarding doing a seated exercise workout.  You don’t have to wait until you have injury to try it.  Spice up your workouts and give it a try.  You can find my Chair Workouts on my You Tube Channel “Paul Eugene” or you find them on Amazon Prime, my Chair Fitness Workouts channel on ROKU and well as Amazon Fire TV.  Enjoy!

Paul Eugene

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