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The Single Life Post Valentine Day

by pauleugene
Happy Love Day

The Single Life – Post Valentine Day

Another valentine day has come and gone.  I ponder how many singles actually had a good valentine day in spite of being single or living life solo? I actually had a very good valentine day.  I did because I focus on the highest value of myself of being whole and complete with just me.  I did not need someone on my arm, take out to dinner or romance with to feel and think good about myself.  I am enough.

I did not always think that way.  I can recall many years ago when I actually got depressed on valentine day when I was not in a relationship and sometimes when I was in one.  It’s been so long since I celebrated valentine day the way we are told to celebrate it that I can’t recall the last time I did.  So, it must not have been a good one because it would have stood out in my mind.

Over the years I have learned to really love myself.  My neediness to have someone has worn off in a good way.  We all need some type of good human relationship to be a well-rounded person, but we don’t need romance to define it.  Romance comes and goes like a winter snowstorm and spring showers.   Romance is something that you have to keep putting the logs in the fire for it to continue to burn. But the moment one person stops putting the wood in the fire, the romance gives away to the friend zone or perhaps not even that.  But depending on how you look at it the friend zone could be the best thing between you and this particular person or perhaps just stay apart period.

I hoped you spent it not just loving yourself, but sharing and spreading the love with your family, friends and even strangers.  You may ask how?  Just a genuine smile to another human being or a surprise telephone call or even giving an unconditional love gift of any size to someone.  Those are just a few ways to spread the love.

What did I do for valentine day?  I created a valentine day dance video. I dressed up in a soft rose suit and had and had a virtual dance party for those who were feeling down and having a hard time accepting being alone on social media. I played fast dance songs and a couple of slow songs so that I could virtually connect with others without a partner.  It was such fun and a healing to so many people.  I have received comments from people who said that made their day.

Here’s the video:

I hope on this post valentine day they are walking in the message that they are a valued human being without romance.  See when you are whole and complete you don’t need romance to try to make you complete.  You can pass unconditional love on to others.   There are 364 days left in the year to love yourself and others.



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