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Walking with God Today – Rest

by pauleugene
just rest

March 17, 2022

Today I actually took some time to rest even though I was active.  How, I rested in God by having my thoughts focus on God.  As I walked outside today, I found myself being calmer.  I could sense God’s calming presence.  It cause me to think differently.  I did not have a knee jerk reaction to situations that I would have normally.  I am really learning to enjoy the moment.  Being retire I have valuable time on my hand. But I made a point to manage it well.  To know when to do something and not too.  To make sure I get the proper rest I need.  People’s request and demands take a back seat when I really take time to look at the request.  What is it really saying?

In the book of Matthew Jesus talks about come to him and he will give me the rest I need for my soul. I’m taking him up on his word.  For tomorrow is not promised so take today and rest in the promise.


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