Walking with God

Today as I went about the day I sense God’s presence. I could feel a over whelming sense of acceptance, love and peace. You may ask how do I know it was from God? I wish I could offer you proof or evidence but I don’t.

I have never seen God but I believe that God exist. Not in the context or imagine that I was taught to me growing up in Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist school systems. But in a greater invisible way. The older I get the more I ponder about God.

I have spent most of my adult life in modern day non denominational church but even that has it limits. I ponder what it will be like to meet God after I die. Years ago, I was in a high rise fire and had to escape the fire by walking down 9 flights of steps. But as I got to stairwell 5 I passed out from the thick black smoke. At that moment I that I had died and went to heaven. I saw a gold throne and 2 angels on each side. I cried out I am not ready to die, then the next thing I knew I was being walked out the building by my roommate. I have never forgot that.

As I reflect back, I see that the reason why I was so fearful of God, because I thought I was under judgement. During the who scene in heaven, I did not see God, nor did God say a single word to me. It was silent.

I enjoy my walks and talks with God everyday, God gets bigger and bigger each day.

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