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Weight Loss Battle

by pauleugene
weight loss battle

Turn you weight loss into a Win!

Maria walked into the store to buy some candy. She picked up a bag of chocolate and put it in her cart, but then she saw that there was an amazing sale on ice cream! So Maria grabbed some ice cream too. Then, just when she thought she had everything, her eyes caught sight of something else tempting: cookies! “I will only get one,” Maria told herself as she went over to grab them. But before long two or three more cookies were in the cart too, along with four brownies…

Does this sound like you?  I have been there many times, but I will add to Maria story that I would include two bags of potato chips and make a cherry coke!  The candy and potato chips taste so good!  And to top it off with the soda! Grand slam!  But after the sugar high goes down, I realize that I have just defeated myself.  I cannot blame on anyone but myself.  My lack of self-control or was it that I was feeling down and wanted to make myself feel good by indulging in my favorite emotional eating foods!

I know that I am not alone with this.  But I know I have to be more discipline. Come with a better plan to counter act my weal habits.  I thought of this, more will power to say no. But that is not going to be enough.  I am going to have set some boundaries such as when I am feeling down drink a class of water to help quiche my thirst for the soda and also get my emotional appetite to eat.  Pay more attention to wait triggers me to go to the store and buy my treats?  Is it boredom or being lonely?

I have to come up with some positive creative ways to deal with the triggers so that I can stop self-sabotage.    Would an accountability person work? Am I too prideful to have one?

When you come to the conclusion that your health is on the life because of your own doing, you will then wake up and do whatever is necessary to get back on the right track.  Maybe you can’t afford a personal trainer, but there are many online workouts for free and nutrition plans online for free.  Google them.   Remember you are not along in this journey; you have millions of people as company.  Wake and tell yourself that you are going to get started and love yourself to health today.



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