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by pauleugene
Paul Eugene

Weight Loss that appears to be the number thing that motivates people to exercise.  That is a good reason, but if you are mainly exercising for weight loss you are missing out on other benefits for your body soul and spirit besides losing weight.  By exercising on a regular basis for are building a foundation for good over health.  You are building a healthy mindset, managing stress, getting rid of toxics, reducing the risk of heart disease and so much more.

Some people get discourage when they do not see the weight scale lowering down as fast as they want it to.  However they are blind sided by that and forget about the benefits they are enjoying mention above.  Ask yourself this question, after you get the desire weight loss, then what?  You must go into managing your weight for the rest of your life.  You cannot afford to slack off from exercising. Before you know it you will be right back where you started from.

Weight loss and diet programs.  Not all weight loss diet plans are equal.  Not every plan out there is fit for everyone.  You will have to try different one’s and see what’s works best for you.  I would caution you to avoid the ones that promise you to lose more than 2 pounds a week.  The most effective and safe weight loss is 2 pounds a week.  If more than day then you need to consider just what is being lost?  Is it water? or actually fat being burned?

To sum this up, the goal to lose weight is a good one, but don’t it over shadow the other benefits that are more lasting than the weight you lost.

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