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Your Health & Fitness Goals

by pauleugene
Paul Eugene

What are your health and fitness goals at this time in your life?  During our life time we go through many seasons of health and fitness.  Our bodies are always changing but are we changing with it?  Now that I am am 65, a baby boomer and senior citizen my needs have changed and will continue to change.

Just like no 2 snowflakes are like no two bodies are and neither are two baby boomers / seniors citizens.  It appears at times the heath and fitness community seem to lump us all in one kettle.  I can recall when I was 49, I started receiving info from AARP and even Silver Sneakers.  I laughed it off!  At that time I was busy teaching high intensity cardio and dance classes.  I told me self they saw my age in a database and started sending me stuff.    Now at 65, I am still teaching high intensity cardio and dance classes!  But one thing I have added on a regular basis is strength training.  I never was a fan of strength training. I found it boring.  I was and still am cardio driven.  But the benefit of adding the strength training was not a waste,  It indeed has helped my body to become stronger, that I need so that I can continue to live the quality of life I am use to.   I must say my health and fitness goals for my life was never to obtain 6 pack abs or bulging muscles.  I was contend with my body.

My biggest adjustment has to do with eating healthy all the time.  I must say I eat healthy most of the time but I could do a little better.  What comes to your mind when you hear the word eat healthy?  Do you think of the many health diets in the world today?  Not all those diets are for everyone.  You must try one and see the results you get.  You may be surprise that you may end up following the Food Pyramid from the US government and save a bundle of cash from buying one of those diet plans.

So what are your heath and fitness goals for this season in your life?

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