Fit Tip

Low Impact Aerobics

Low Impact Aerobics are still in and many people do them at home.  I love low impact aerobics because I love to move.  I like when the music is driving and inspires me to push harder.  
What exactly is Low Impact Aerobics? The word Aerobic working in the presence of oxygen at all times, which means you can work out in long endurance versus all out hard running which can only last for a minute before the body let’s you know to stop. You have reach your oxygen threshold. 
  • Low Impact – basically means not keeping one foot on the ground at all times.  So once you do jump and jacks you are no longer doing low impact.  But even if you don’t do jumping jacks but workout at a fast intensity that can take you also out of the low impact range too.  In the low impact you can do the workout without becoming oxygen depleted and need to stop.
  • Low Impact Workouts: Aerobics, Dancing, Step Aerobics, Walking, Weight Lifting, Elliptical, etc. 

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Click the links below and you can get started with low impact aerobics at your home right now!